Professional Standards Investigations

Professional Standards Investigations

How We Can Help

Technology and social media sharing are challenging municipalities and police departments to adapt. Today, anyone with a handheld device can capture, share and comment on any unfolding event in their immediate field of experience in seconds. As a result, cities and police departments are adapting how they investigate – and communicate – public integrity issues. Given the position of trust you hold as a city leader, municipal board, or police chief, you benefit when you can demonstrate that you have practices in place that bring transparency, when and where appropriate, to the investigation of critical incidents, allegations of misconduct and other issues of concern to the community. We can help you do so by providing support in the following areas.


Independent and Impartial Administrative Investigations

  • Working we you, we establish – in advance of your need, a mutually agreed-upon, ready-to-respond services agreement at no cost to you until you engage us for a professional investigation, inquiry or assessment.
  • When an incident of concern arises, at your direction, Hillard Heintze investigators (1) identify key facts, (2) assess the issues and (3) evaluate the risks to your city and agency.
  • Our timely response gives you impartial, professionally determined information that supports effective decision-making; demonstrates a commitment to accountability, transparency and communication; and allows you to update the community well in advance of the release of criminal investigative findings.
  • We review and investigate internal or community allegations against police command, city executives, officers or civilian employees. This includes citizen complaints; racial profiling or bias-based policing; dishonesty, Brady issues, integrity or corruption; contraband or drugs; crime and arrests; domestic violence; and sexual misconduct or sexual harassment
  • We also review and investigate officer-involved shootings, in-custody deaths, use of force and deadly force investigations; and worker’s compensation and abuse of medical leave.
  • In addition, we conduct independent reviews of department internal investigations as well as worker’s compensation and abuse of medical leave.

Fitness for Duty Examinations and Psychological Risk Assessments

  • These services include Psychological Risk Assessments such as Indirect Threat Assessments, Direct Violence Risk Evaluations, Fitness for Duty Evaluations and treatment recommendations before allowing an employee to return to duty.
  • Services also include Psychosexual Risk Evaluations.


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