We’re so fortunate to have Marcia Thompson on our team. I knew when we asked her to join the Hillard Heintze team that she would exceed our expectations in her role as Vice President, Law Enforcement Advisory. Today she delivered a very well-received presentation on the Issues of Race in the Criminal Justice System at the KCBA Continuing Legal Education Seminar. Following her presentation, she participated in a panel discussion on racial profiling.

Knowledgeable Civil Rights Professional

Marcia is a national trainer, public speaker, attorney, collaborative problem solver, change management facilitator and equal employment opportunity (EEO)/civil rights professional. Today, she is quickly making a name for herself in the collaborative policing sector, as a key member in our Law Enforcement Advisory Practice. Marcia is a skilled and trained communicator who is particularly good at engaging and captivating an audience. Constitutional policing, racial profiling and use of force are tough subjects but she manages to present them in a simple, compelling and nonjudgmental way for everyone involved.

Expert Panelist Chosen to Speak

When you’re talking with Marcia, it doesn’t take long to realize she is passionate and dynamic. Even in a crowd of hundreds, she makes you feel like she’s speaking directly to you. She was recently part of a panel of experts on law enforcement issues post-Ferguson, when one of the other speakers realized she was the ideal person to touch on issues of race in the criminal justice system at an upcoming KCBA Continuing Legal Education seminar.

Marcia will be sharing some of her talking points from today’s seminar in upcoming blogs – on issues such as race in criminal justice, collaborative reform, community-oriented policing, constitutional policing and 21st century policing. If you’d like to download a copy of today’s presentation, click here.