Client’s Challenge: A Major Federal Agency Seek Investigative Experts with Security Clearances

An enormous portion of the U.S. government’s work is contracted out to private sector firms and specialists with many different areas of expertise.

As the Office of Inspector General (OIG) for one of this country’s largest federal agencies planned its work for the next several years – and its ability to investigate fraud, waste and abuse within the agency as well as intelligence across all of the agency’s activities – it identified the need for additional contract support across its entire organization and major offices. Well before the start of its fiscal year, it released a formal Request for Proposal (RFP).

Our Solution: Teaming with a Big Four Firm – and Winning the Contract

One of several Big Four accounting firms responding to the RFP began mounting a formal response and set about building a team of firms specializing in one or more of the areas at the core of the RFP’s requirements.

While the Big Four firm had ample in-house resources to fill many of the positions required, it needed to find a trusted partner with the specialized qualifications, experience and personnel to meet the team’s responsibilities in two key areas: investigations and inspector general services. As prime, the Big Four firm invited Hillard Heintze to join the team. Several months later, the group won the contract.

Impact on the Client: Embedded Personnel with a National Security Mission

This is a very large, multi-year contract. In line with its contractual commitments, Hillard Heintze has embedded seven employees with Top Secret clearances and highly specialized skill sets within the agency’s Office of Inspector General. These individuals are assigned to one or several of the Inspector General’s major offices or units. Each, in turn, depending on their functional role and duties, is fully supported – on demand – by the full cadre of professionals at Hillard Heintze – a strategy referred to internally by the firm as “one in front, fifty behind.”

This service-delivery model allows Hillard Heintze experts at different levels of the firm to contribute to the goals of this Inspector General’s office – in terms of integrity, efficiency, accountability and excellence.

Unplugged: The Project Manager's Post-Engagement Perspective

“We do very well in this environment – a multipartner, high performance, prime-led engagement for a very large public sector client with a prescribed form and format for addressing every task.

And it really is a completely different mindset, culture and environment – in many, if not all ways – than those required to bring the same level of service integrity to a Fortune 500 firm.

Do we use the same people for both? That’s a great question. And I’ve got three answers for you. No, not if they’re dedicated to the engagement like this one. Yes, if their availability and skills map appropriately to another team. And, lastly, it always depends.”

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