Interim Police Chief Services

Interim Police Chief Services

Fill a sudden gap in police leadership with an experienced chief and support from a team of recognized law enforcement experts.

Placement of an Interim Police Chief

Assignment of a senior-level police executive with experience as a chief to ensure the Department is appropriately led and managed until the position is filled on a permanent basis. Typically reports directly to, and serves under the guidance of, the city or jurisdiction’s most senior elected leader or police oversight council.

Additional Services to Support Agency Stability and Transition


Independent Police Department Assessment – Comprehensive, objective third-party assessment of operational policies, procedures and protocols. Recommendations on critical gaps and attractive opportunities to improve the agency’s performance and future.

Development of Three- to Five-Year Strategic Plan – Translation of recommendations into a practical, prioritized and actionable implementation plan.

Search for Permanent Chief Candidates – Identification and vetting of highly qualified police chief candidates. Support in transitioning the new chief into position.

Special Focus Areas – Targeted evaluation and technical assistance addressing one or several “pain points” such as eliminating unconstitutional policing practices including racial profiling, bias, unnecessary use of force and unlawful stop, search and seizure.



[Webinar] A Positive Force: The City Manager’s Critical Role in Building Trust between Police and the Communities they protect and Serve

hillard heintze

Thursday, April 26th at 11:00am CDT

City managers and police chiefs in large cities and small are facing ever-increasing scrutiny from the public as they respond to these high-profile incidents. As a city manager, you have the opportunity to prepare your city and agency in advance.


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