Show Me the Money The power and wealth of celebrity comes with

The power and wealth of celebrity comes with a unique set of pressures. Far too many success stories are wrapped in cautionary tales of superstars devastated by the failure of the “I got a guy who’s got a guy” approach to vetting the trusted stewards of fortune and fame.
Countering the risks that face athletes and artists calls for a strong and independent examination of the potential agents and advisors clamoring for a prized position in the inner circle.
Hillard Heintze understands the distinct demands and vulnerabilities of sports and entertainment unions, guilds, associations and organizations tasked with protecting the interests and ambitions of their high-profile members.
With an acute focus on quality, accuracy and expediency, our due diligence background investigations uncover critical facts to help you evaluate prospective relationships and ensure that long-standing agents and advisors remain trustworthy partners.

Due diligence is neither a red light nor a green light; instead it provides critical insights and intelligence that assist clients in protecting and preserving their financial and personal interests.

The Value of Due Diligence
No inner circle is impervious to insider risks. Protecting wealth and reputation calls for proactive measures that properly vet and screen any associate, agent or advisor granted direct and privileged access.
Investigative research is an event-based, iterative process. It’s about knowing what’s available and how to use it. Where to dig deeper. And when to stop.
Identifying, analyzing and summarizing salient public domain information will help you:
•• Assess the credibility, integrity and professional history of a potential agent, partner or advisor
•• Determine whether a subject is under financial stress – a known trigger for fraud
•• Identify vulnerabilities that create opportunities for disreputable agents and advisors to dupe clients for their own person gain
•• Identify issues of concern such as potential omission of facts, false representations or misleading statements

It’s about access — to a wealth of information, an insider’s understanding of the nuances and distinct culture of the sports and entertainment world, and the expertise to transform a complex mass of data into critical facts.

Insight, Confidence and Assurance
For Members:
Satisfaction that any agent or advisor validated by the organization has been properly vetted
•• Higher level of confidence and security in the integrity of the agent’s or advisor’s stated credentials
•• Significantly lower levels of risk associated with fraud, embezzlement and theft

For Leadership:
Confidence that risks to the organization and its members are actively and continuously managed
•• Assurance that every investigation is conducted and quality-reviewed with accuracy, diligence and care
For Legal Counsel:
•• Confidence that all information collected is lawfully acquired
•• Knowledge that investigations are compliant with all relevant regulations

For Operational and Department Heads:
•• A streamlined, secure and cost-efficient application procedure
•• Elimination of repetitive and redundant application forms
•• An easily accessible history of agent applications
•• A sustainable, recurring annual reduction in a wide range of administrative costs

In order to identify issues of concern, we conduct a thorough investigation of salient public domain information including:
•• Disclosed or undisclosed litigation, civil or monetary judgments
•• Felony or misdemeanor criminal convictions
•• B ankruptcy petitions and related filings
•• Open-source data either connecting or implicating the applicant to questionable conduct, associates or circumstances

We can help you evaluate your current due diligence process
Hillard Heintze can provide support by conducting a careful review of the processes you have in place and identifying opportunities to increase efficiency and
ease of use for applicants. We will:
•• Examine the scope of background investigations into prospective agents and advisors and assess the trade-offs between investigative depth and cost.
•• Identify if follow-up and periodic renewal investigations could help lower risk cost-effectively
•• Evaluate the viability of using an online questionnaire for applicants to increase process efficiency and lower costs.
•• Use the questionnaire as a baseline of information to initiate the investigation and against which we can later juxtapose our investigative findings.

A Best-Practice, Phased Approach to Each Investigation
Formal Application Online by Agent Candidates – Allows Hillard Heintze to scope the investigative subject and identify essential biographical, professional and other data, including jurisdictions in which the subject has lived to determine where we will undertake public records research.
Intake and Case File Creation – Includes file number creation, log entry and initial file set-up as well as assignment to a primary Hillard Heintze investigator.
Discussion of Issues – Meeting among investigators about critical issues such as prioritization, timing considerations, special circumstances and unique compliance-related concerns.
Team-Based Investigative Research – Investigation supported by the broader Hillard Heintze team whose career experience, professional specialization, language skills or law enforcement contacts can advance the accuracy, quality, completeness or confidentiality of the findings.
Subject Profile Development – Query of records repositories for civil, criminal, bankruptcy and other documents including corporate and business registrations, current and archived press reports and other media where the subject is named.

Verification of Self-Disclosed Information – Validation of the subject’s education, employment history, professional licenses and other self-disclosed information as stated on their application.
Access Control, Data Security and User-Specific Privileges – Rigorous compliance with protocols associated with formal transfer, maintenance, support and oversight of user-specific access to case-specific data, files and communications.
Compliance with External Regulations and Internal Policies – Care in ensuring all investigative and business activities undertaken during the course of the engagement comply with applicable governmental rules, privacy regulations and internal guidelines.
Final Analysis – Examination of data assembled from the public records research, open-source data collections and verifications.
Internal Oversight, Quality Control Review and Continuous Process Optimization – Every case is scrutinized by a senior member of the investigations team. Continuous internal and client reviews to identify process improvements.
Reporting – The final phase of our effort consists of summarizing investigative findings in a clear, concise and cogent report.
Candidate Approval and Decision-Making Matrix – Structuring a decision-making framework that accelerates and facilitates the decision, at various points in the due diligence process, on whether an applicant is approved or disqualified, or if additional research is warranted.

Investigative Leadership and
Experience at a Best-Practice Level
•• Completion of more than 14,000 investigations across a
wide range of investigative and due diligence services.
•• World-class clients including major sports
organizations, law firms, Fortune 500 clients, private
businesses and high net worth individuals as well as
many U.S. federal law enforcement agencies.
•• Acute focus on quality assurance, accountability for
case-specific findings and continuous process
•• Experts who have planned and directed some of the
most complex investigations that federal, state and
local organizations have undertaken over the past 35
years – including leading and participating in financial
crime and asset discovery investigations for the U.S.
Treasury and Department of Homeland Security to
maintain the integrity of the U.S. financial infrastructure.
•• Private investigation agency licensed by, and in good
standing with, the Illinois Department of Financial and
Professional Regulation.