Hiring top executives requires a strong element of trust. You trust that the individual is best suited to lead major growth initiatives for your company. You trust that they will make the best interests of the firm and its staff the center of major business decisions. You also trust this person with unfettered access to critical documents and assets that if compromised could put your entire organization at risk. But just because you trust them doesn’t mean you shouldn’t verify them. The Hillard Heintze Executive Briefing Trust but Verify examines the critical role of corporate due diligence investigations in vetting, hiring and continuously evaluating senior-level personnel.

Download Trust but Verify to understand:

  • Common errors that undermine effective corporate due diligence investigations
  • The complex nature of these investigations and how it can impact executive recruitment at your firm
  • Regulatory compliance standards create new risks for corporate due diligence investigations – and how to avoid them

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