Client’s Challenge: Five Missing Trailers

Early one July morning, a routine asset audit conducted by a major trucking company’s accounting division revealed that five of the company’s semi-trailers appeared to be missing from a leased lot. When a member of the local carrier trucking service’s fleet management team followed up, she discovered that seven more semi-trailers were missing from a company maintenance yard in the neighboring county.

The matter was referred to the trucking company’s internal investigations unit but, as the number of missing semi-trailers continued to rise – to more than 100 – the company reached out to law enforcement authorities. Yet more than a year later, when no progress had been made in the case, the company’s Chief Security Officer asked Hillard Heintze for help.

Our Solution: Conducting an Intensive Investigation

Over the next several weeks, Hillard Heintze investigators reviewed the company’s internal investigative files. They met with law enforcement authorities assigned to the case. They pored over records linking a majority of these missing semi-trailers to two individuals, one of whom was incarcerated at the time of the review.

Then they conducted interviews of these suspects and other key individuals, uncovered critical information pointing to their complicity, and undertook a wide range of investigative activities that shed more light on why, how and when each of these thefts occurred. Finally, the Hillard Heintze team prepared a comprehensive report documenting the history of the case and all evidence collected – a presentation that pointed squarely at the culpability of the two suspects identified.

Impact on the Client: A New Window for Legal Redress – and Possibly Partial Asset Recovery

The company’s Chief Security Officer is pleased with the report. Hillard Heintze uncovered evidence central to a potential legal resolution of the matter and, through its collaborative approach, re-energized several different law enforcement entities focused on the case rather than alienating or undermining their efforts to date. With Hillard Heintze’s guidance and support, the company is in the process of presenting its file to the state prosecutors in one of the jurisdictions where the majority of the thefts occurred.

Unplugged: The Project Manager's Post-Engagement Perspective

“It’s quite common for us to get called in, like we did here, on civil – or even criminal – cases that, although they fall squarely within the jurisdiction and authority of law enforcement entities, simply don’t appear to the client to be progressing.

Sometimes there are good reasons – like insufficient evidence. In other cases, investigating agencies may merely be struggling with competing priorities or a backlog of cases.

We can often help clear the roadblock. But the important thing is that we never go in there with a chip on our shoulder. We always come in with respect, in the spirit of collaboration. Because of our past careers, we connect with our colleagues as peers and help find client-serving solutions that make sense from many different perspectives.”

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