Since our firm’s formation more than a decade ago, I’ve come to recognize the value and appreciate the impact and power of visualizing information and data. After all, the fastest, most meaningful way to transmit information to another human is through their eyes. Borrowing an often-quoted phrase from Dean Minuto, the #1 rated Vistage speaker in North America, “Never say it if you can show it.”

Vision and Concepts

In a 2014 study, scientists found that the human brain is able to process an image in 13 milliseconds. “The fact that you can do that at these high speeds indicates to us that what vision does is find concepts,” study leader Mary Potter, a professor of brain and cognitive sciences at MIT in Cambridge, Mass., said in a statement.

Infographics as a New Communication Tool

For the last few months, I have challenged our team to develop infographics as a means to help communicate not only what and how we approach our mission, but also as a means of instilling why we do what we do – to provide insight, deliver assurance and instill confidence that protects people, performance, interests and reputations.

A Graphic View of Our Investigative Practice

Director Adam Zoll stepped up to this challenge for our Investigative Practice, and working with other members of our team, truly captured the visual essence of the work our investigators, researchers and analysts do on a daily basis.

Over the years, our team has conducted over 14,000 investigations. As the process infographic Adam developed points out – every case is unique but the end goals are consistent: our goal is to provide you insight, deliver assurance and instill confidence for the decisions you have to make.