Client’s Challenge: Bad Behavior Raises Red Flags

The human resources officer of an automobile manufacturer flagged an escalating concern. It was the start of the summer season and hiring had ramped up substantially. Amid the swarm of company-wide activity, a new employee passed the background check and was hired for a sensitive position on the manufacturing floor. Weeks after the hire, HR was informed that several co-workers had voiced complaints about this new employee’s confrontational behavior. The HR officer pulled up the employee’s resume and noticed a gap of several years in the employee’s work history. Concerned about a threat to plant safety, she reached out to Hillard Heintze.

The Hillard Heintze Solution: Due Diligence Background Investigation

To fill in the large gap in the subject’s background, the Hillard Heintze investigations team focused on five key elements: (1) the subject’s address history and the types of places he had resided, (2) any employment that had not been disclosed on his resume, (3) criminal records or evidence that he may have spent time in jail, (4) civil litigation and any concerning behavior sometimes detailed in restraining orders, orders of protection or divorce proceedings and (5) social media posts by or about the subject that shed light on the man’s past activities.

Impact on the Client: Confirmed Suspicions Lead to Administrative Action

The HR department’s suspicions were justified. Our research revealed that the subject had an extensive criminal history that included domestic battery, criminal trespass and disorderly conduct – all of which occurred within the mysterious employment gap. The subject had served three separate jail sentences for his offenses and had relocated across numerous residences, including rehabilitation centers for previously incarcerated individuals. Prepared with a much more complete set of facts, the HR department was ready to confront the employee about his secret past.

Unplugged: The Project Manager’s Post-Engagement Perspective

“This case demonstrates the value of careful due diligence. Inconsistencies in resumes are not all that uncommon. But this was a major gap in employment, and given the concerns that were brought to the attention of the client, the matter warranted closer scrutiny.
“Our deep dive paid off. The more we looked, the more we found – especially with the criminal records searches. The subject tried hiding a very troubling past, and for a while, he succeeded.”

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