Fraud and Financial Crimes

Fraud and Financial Crimes

How We Can Help in a Fraud and Financial Crimes Investigation

By integrating specialized expertise in financial crimes investigation, compliance, law enforcement, forensic analysis, data analytics and cyber investigations, Hillard Heintze fraud investigation services in the following areas help corporations, boards of directors and management manage and mitigate exposure to these risks and prevent outcomes that could result in financial, reputational or regulatory damage to reputation and shareholder value. Lean what a financial fraud investigation is and how to conduct an investigation.

Fraud and Embezzlement Investigations

  • Direction and execution of fraud and embezzlement investigations ranging from initial exploratory reviews – to establish if a crime has occurred and a broader inquiry is warranted – to complex, large-scale investigations requiring cross-jurisdictional tracing of funds, assets and persons; document-intensive evidence gathering in multiple languages; and global coordination of resources.
  • Financial crimes and training specialization in matters such as Ponzi schemes, bribery and corruption, embezzlement, insurance fraud and abuse, money laundering, contract abuse and bankruptcy.
  • Key tasks, among many others, typically range from forensic financial analysis of identifiable assets, holdings and liabilities, to investigation of commingled assets, electronic evidence capture and multi-channel liaison with justice and law enforcement authorities.

Internal Financial Fraud Investigations

  • Investigative support on a wide range of matters – either as an extension of departments such as Security, HR, IT and Compliance or as an independent and objective third-party.
  • Collection of evidence and establishment of facts to help executives and counsel decide whether to terminate an employee, refer to law enforcement or pursue legal remedies.

Employee Misconduct

  • Corporate investigation into a wide range of employee workplace conduct such as sexual harassment, bullying and discrimination.
  • Can include investigation into allegations of sexual assault, privacy violations, professional impropriety or conflicts of interest by individuals in positions of trust such as leaders in faith-based organizations, therapists, psychologists and medical practitioners.
  • Interviews, searches, background investigation, computer system analysis, review of arrest and conviction records, polygraph, surveillance and other strategies and tactics.

Vendor Integrity

  • Corporate investigation into vendor integrity and third-party due diligence.
  • Can address potential conflicts of interest, favors, kickback schemes or diversion of corporate assets.

Misappropriation of Trade Secrets or Intellectual Property

  • Investigation into theft, compromise or misappropriation of company assets, proprietary information, intellectual property or trade secrets by employees, competitors, business partners, vendors or third parties engaged in piracy, counterfeiting or corporate espionage.
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