Client’s Challenge: A Hard-Won Financial Nest Egg at Risk

After nearly a decade in a major-league sport, a celebrated professional athlete entered retirement with a sizeable nest egg. His years of rigorous play had brought significant financial rewards and he was now ready to make the transition from the athletic field to the business office through a venture that would create jobs, invigorate the economy and further enhance his family’s financial security.

He listened intently as an acquaintance pitched the details of a prospective business plan. It sounded good — but was it too good to be true? Despite the fact that the acquaintance vouched for the potential partner’s credibility, the athlete-turned-businessman was cautious given the disastrous financial histories of many professional athletes who lost fortunes to fraud. He needed to validate the credibility of the plan. He placed a call to Hillard Heintze CEO Arnette Heintze and requested a strategic investigation of the company in question — as well as its two principals.

Our Solution: One Subject, Eleven Civil Suits

Hillard Heintze immediately set two teams in motion – one in Chicago, the other in Atlanta. Within days, key findings emerged. While no criminal records surfaced related to the company, the Hillard Heintze teams linked one of the potential business partners to four civil suits filed in the past year and seven more over the previous six years. Hillard Heintze also determined the business was not legally organized in the state of Georgia.

Impact on the Client: A Partnership Passed Up with a Smile

Ten days after the original case assignment, the report was in the client’s hands — well ahead of the deadline. This client now relies on Hillard Heintze for due diligence support for all his comparable investment opportunities and business engagements.

Unplugged: The Project Manager's Post-Engagement Perspective

“It is commonplace for today’s most celebrated athletes – both active and retired – to take their success on the court or the field and translate it into financial gains in the business world.

While professional athletes demonstrate acute physical and mental prowess, these strengths don’t always come into play when faced with a steady barrage of potential investments and business opportunities.

That’s where we come in. We uncover critical facts that help our clients make decisions on investments, transactions and advisors. Our playbook includes proven investigative strategies and tactics, due diligence background investigations and other areas of support that deliver assurance and lead to winning results.”

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