For more than a year now, we have directly supported a major U.S. agency – with seven employees embedded in the Washington, D.C. headquarters of its Office of Inspector General.  This large, multi-year contract requires Top Secret clearances, a specialized skill set and active, hands-on management and oversight by senior Hillard Heintze subject-matter experts.

These individuals are assigned to one or several of the Inspector General’s major offices or units.  Each, in turn, depending on their functional role or duties, is supported – on demand – by the full cadre of professionals at Hillard Heintze, a strategy we refer to internally as “one in front, fifty behind.” We do very well in this environment – a multi-partner, high performance, prime-led engagement for a large, public sector client with a prescribed form and format for every task.  But it requires a completely different mindset, culture and environment – in many if not all ways – from those required to bring the same level of service integrity to a Fortune 500 enterprise. Do we use the same people for both?  That’s a great question.  And I’ve got three answers for you.  No, not if they’re dedicated to the client and the engagement – as our employees in this case are.  Yes, if their availability and skills map appropriately to another team.  And lastly, it always depends.