Due Diligence Investigation Services

Due Diligence Investigation Services

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Our investigators provide intelligence and insight in support of mergers and acquisitions, partnership opportunities, executive hires, board appointments, reputational profiling and market entry using the techniques below.

Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) and Pre-Transaction (U.S. and International)

  • Analysis of merger or acquisition targets.
  • Identification of areas such as FCPA issues, history of civil disputes, criminal records, corruption, questionable corporate governance, regulatory violations, bankruptcies or claims by vendors and creditors.
  • Support to legal, financial, compliance and valuation experts on merger and acquisition teams in identifying and assessing potential risk prior to a transaction.

Corporate Disputes

  • Research, due diligence, and investigative support to organizations and counsel engaged in complex corporate disputes. These include, for example, hostile takeover bids, proxy battles, and investigations into activist shareholders, agitators and other counterparties.
  • Includes targeted electronic discovery and data harvesting, investigative due diligence and commercial damage assessments.

Reputational Backgrounding of Executives, Board Candidates and Advisors

  • Reputation analysis of business partners, executive hires and board appointments.
  • Discreet interviews with an extensive range of relevant parties to determine the subject’s personal and professional background, reputation within the industry and any political connections.
  • Investigation of any conflicting perceptions of the subject and any negative information that may prove valuable to your decision-making.

Self Due Diligence

  • Proactive examination to correct inaccuracies or prepare to explain information that could be perceived negatively.
  • Background investigations and due diligence into key executives prior to important transactions related to M&A, a sale, raising capital or going public.

Open Source Intelligence and Reputational Reviews

  • Scanning of social media platforms, public websites, online discussions, message boards and other public forums to uncover issues affecting your organization or key executives.
  • Robust review of social media platforms to provide a representational picture of information viewable by the public, media and strategic business partners that could adversely affect the security or your personnel and your other interests.
  • State-of-the-art monitoring tools, such as LifeRaft, Meltwater, Babel X and Dunami, have been specifically developed for this service.

Market Entry Research

  • Market entry due diligence investigations coupled with research services provide supporting analysis of market entry options.
  • Includes defining the competitive environment, vetting potential partners and analyzing factors ranging from political, economic and social risk to operational challenges inherent in emerging markets and new business environments.
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