In my conversations with organizational leaders around the world, one of the most common challenges I encounter is a fundamental one: the insider threat. Due diligence for athletes, talent and affluent individuals is critical to avoid an insider threat.

This is especially true for large organizations that need to protect their key executive personnel and high-profile members. From sports leagues, franchises and their unions, to other professional groups such as actors’ guilds, talent organizations and other unions of high-paid talent, the desire is the same: they want to know that they can trust insiders and key personnel, particularly agents and advisors, with access to their top talent.

The Value of Due Diligence

So how can an organization maximize its ability to prevent insider risks and ensure that the “inner circle” can be trusted? The answer is not a commoditized, “check-the-box” $150, software-driven background check. The single most effective approach is proper due diligence and a careful, expert-managed background investigation. These rigorous reviews offer more than just snapshots of an individual’s personal and professional history. They distill public domain information that can help an organization:

  1. Assess the credibility, integrity and professional history of a potential agent, partner or advisor.
  2. Determine whether a subject is under financial stress.
  3. Identify issues of concern such as potential omission of facts, false representations or misleading statements.

Taken together, these insights can provide the deep level of understanding necessary to ensuring the integrity of the inner circle. There is no substitute for real trust.


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