As 2015 comes to a close, we decided to look back on our favorite blog posts throughout the year from our Investigations practice.

The Hillard Heintze Investigative Practice: A Graphic View

Over the years, our team has conducted over 14,000 investigations. As this infographic points out – every case is unique but the end goals are consistent: to provide you insight, deliver assurance and instill confidence for the decisions you have to make.

Pre-Transaction Due Diligence: A Google Search is Enough, Right?

Though Googling someone might save a client time and money up front and may appear to be sufficient, they are steeped in risk.  When a company or individual investors are interested in acquiring another company or hiring a senior executive for a strategic position, the reputation and character of the entity and the key executive leadership should be a priority.  Not knowing can have a devastating impact on financial performance – or worse – in the future.

Online Radicalization and the Vulnerabilities of Internet Addiction

Is there a clinical diagnosis for Internet addiction? There should be. In short, it isn’t as much as how much time someone spends on the Internet, but more what they are doing, why they are doing it, and who they are engaging with that matters most.

Protecting Privilege during Internal Investigations

Many in-house legal groups have at least one non-lawyer on their team. But when conducting internal investigations, is the non-attorney team member acting for business or legal purposes? Is his or her work privileged?

Concerned about Harassing Behavior? An Integrated Approach is Critical.

Frequent phone calls. Strange cars driving by. Unwanted emails. Unfortunately, all too often, a client informs us they are the recipient of unwelcomed, inappropriate, bizarre and often threatening communication. They want help and they want it fast.

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