Client’s Challenge: A First Class Challenge

While the relationship started accidentally – two CEOs, sitting next to each other on a morning flight to the nation’s capital – the first assignment was both urgent and strategic: advising the conglomerate’s leadership team on a security issue holding up a $100 million contract.

At the center of the international real estate management company’s challenge was a high-stakes, time-sensitive dispute – one complicated by multiple third-party agendas but potentially resolvable through recourse not just to best practices in facility-specific security but more specifically to how comparable security challenges are currently addressed at the highest levels of the U.S. government – such as at the White House and other nationally mission-critical physical locations.

Our Solution: Uncovering an Issue that Changed the Deal’s Calculus

Hillard Heintze conducted a careful review of the dissenting party’s concerns; undertook a detailed inspection of the site under dispute; interviewed all immediate stakeholders to listen to and understand their perspectives; and developed a set of recommendations that both met an exceptionally high standard of security and also carved out reasonable grounds for deal-enabling consensus.

Describing the complexity underlying many subsequent stages in the resolution of this issue sits outside the scope of this case study. But the matter was successfully resolved – overwhelmingly in the client’s favor.

Impact on the Client: A New Relationship. One that Continues Years Later.

This engagement deepened a relationship – judging from contractual evidence as well as sentiments from executives and mutual colleagues now on both the Hillard Heintze and the client side of the fence. In the ensuing months, the company’s management team asked for support in three distinct security and investigation-related arenas, one after the other. And as Hillard Heintze treats each assignment as a new challenge in earning the right to be trusted, this client keeps raising the bar.

Unplugged: The Project Manager's Post-Engagement Perspective

“This was a very sensitive assignment – from several angles. Not just because the opposing party’s CSO was a seemingly well credentialed senior executive.  But because his security-related arguments were deeply flawed.

“…And while pointing these out from a fact-based vantage point was a straightforward task, aligning our team’s domain expertise with the ‘softer’, nuanced imperatives inherent in negotiation and deal support required our team to listen to the client’s needs and continually adapt. In real-time.

“Experience is crucial. But if you’re blinded by what you have found has typically worked in the past, you miss some pretty huge opportunities to innovate.”

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