Why I Asked Howard to Join the Team

As we stepped into 2014 back in January, one of our top priorities for the year was to recruit and engage an astute and proven leader to help drive our focus on strategic client relationships. Howard’s name was suggested to us by Larry Kaufman who has served as a close advisor to our leadership team. At the same time one of our clients – a man whose opinion I hold in very high regard – spoke well of him. So we asked Howard to come meet with us here at headquarters.  Why did I ask Howard to join our team?  Because he knows how to listen.  Because he knows how to think through a client’s challenge and provide the best counsel to them, regardless of our interests.  Because he earns trust from our clients and, when and where appropriate, helps their teams understand where our many capabilities can best advance their goals.

What Howard Does at Hillard Heintze

Howard is one of Hillard Heintze’s “chief client ambassadors.”  As Vice President, Strategic Relationships, he leads corporate strategic initiatives focused on client engagement and satisfaction, account management, and addressing the needs of emerging clients in every practice area, industry and region.

Highlights of Howard’s Work before Hillard Heintze

Prior to joining the Hillard Heintze team, Howard served as Midwest Regional Vice President of Veritext Legal Solutions, where he managed a team of more than 40 members, oversaw operations and business development, and led the strategic integration and reorganization of multiple complex business development and operational divisions into a single, streamlined and agile organization. Howard has also held executive positions at several large professional services firms and corporations where he was entrusted with rapidly increasing responsibility for the strategic, operational and financial performance of various teams and, cumulatively, the generation of more than $100 million in revenues.

Education and Degrees

Howard earned his Juris Doctor degree from the John Marshall Law School and has a Bachelor of Arts degree in political science and history from the University of Iowa.

Where Howard Spends His Time When He Is Not Working

Howard spends most of his free time with his three-year-old daughter. They enjoy going to the park, playing soccer, swimming and hanging out with the family.  When Howard has time to himself, he enjoys running, playing golf and tennis and spending time with his friends. Our “Get to Know” campaign is a bi-monthly feature on the Front Line Blog – my short introduction to key members of our team here at Hillard Heintze. Each expert is here because he or she has demonstrated sustained levels of excellence in one or many aspects of security risk management and investigations. They’re here because they bring a rich diversity of backgrounds, talents and interests in risk security to what we do for our clients.