William V. Aslan

Chief Financial Officer

Excellence in security and investigations never occurs in a financial vacuum. Deeply layered into almost every single aspect of security and investigative program operations are financial decisions – many of them quite strategic – that can have tremendous short-term and long-term implications for critical priorities such as risk management, cost efficiency, return on investment and sustainable value.

At Hillard Heintze, this is the mantra that William Aslan champions tirelessly – from two inextricable but very different perspectives. One of them is internal to Hillard Heintze and the need to be continuously relentless in managing expenses, planning cash flow, pursuing disciplined investment priorities and engaging in careful long-term strategic planning – not just from a tax and accounting standpoint but also, always, and ultimately from a business one. The other perspective is that of the firm’s clients – and their ability to gain value from distinctive Hillard Heintze offerings that integrate three elements: (1) a risk-based approach to addressing risks, threats and vulnerabilities, (2) consistent application of best practices in security and investigations, and (3) the rigorous financial discipline required to ensure the firm’s recommendations to clients are practical, affordable and enduring.

Before joining Hillard Heintze, William served as a CPA and corporate financial advisor providing accounting, tax and financial consulting services to a broad mix of corporations, partnerships and sole proprietorships – a role that often leveraged his front-line financial and managerial experience in the food distribution, paper and pharmaceutical industries.

Until 2002, William was a senior executive at Alliant Foodservice (formerly Kraft Foodservice) where he was entrusted with increasingly more senior financial leadership positions and a rapidly expanding portfolio of responsibilities. From one of the earliest high points in his career – when he was awarded the distinction of being the youngest controller the company had ever employed – he transformed himself from a controller of a major distribution center with $40 million in annual sales, first, to a divisional Vice President of Finance overseeing $800 million in annual sales and an indirect staff of 80 and, ultimately, to the company’s Senior Director of Finance, with CFO-level responsibility for pricing and procurement operations across the multi-billion dollar enterprise.

In this capacity, William oversaw many financial priorities strategic to the company. These included budget development and reporting; management of cost and price controls; profitability analysis, planning and reporting; and critical facets of the company’s mergers and acquisitions strategy – such as analysis relating to valuation and conversion as well as synergy planning and realization. William carved out a strategic decline in inventory variance by improving inventory controls; established financial leadership in reducing working capital requirements across the company (a major improvement measured in millions of dollars); earned a leading, front-line role in the management of key customer contracts; and championed financial integrity for revenue recognition. William’s career also includes other key positions with the Container Corporation of America, Baxter Healthcare (Travenol Labs) and Arthur Andersen & Co. William holds an M.B.A. in Finance and Accounting from the University of Chicago and, as a CPA, is a member of the Illinois CPA Society.