Vicky L. Froderman

Vice President, Communications

Pivotal to any strategic advisory firm committed to client service excellence is senior direction – backed up by instinct and experience – about how to rigorously ensure that the publication of every single external communication with a client reflects and conveys the firm’s mission, values and precision – and the importance it places on communicating with visual impact, clarity and attention to detail.

This is much more important than many companies and executives recognize, including the vast majority of Hillard Heintze’s competitors. While some of the firm’s counsel to clients is naturally provided verbally, far more is conveyed through publications that are often passed person to person – from board directors and the senior executive management team to mid-level managers and other stakeholders in a position to influence the choices our clients understand, perceive and pursue.

As the Vice President of Communications, Vicky Froderman ensures adherence with the standards and practices that support and enhance Hillard Heintze’s brand identity. This requires constant vigilance and oversight in areas such as graphic design, page layout, copyediting, proofreading, format and production direction, as well as the electronic production of all client documents, marketing materials and the Hillard Heintze website.

Vicky co-owned and operated a marketing communications firm for thirteen years before joining the Hillard Heintze team. During that time, she was responsible for developing and maintaining account relationships from start to finish, producing a vast array of marketing communications projects for a diverse collection of clients, as well as handling all aspects of the business. Prior to that, Vicky served as the Marketing Communications Manager for Cahners Publishing Company, a division of Reed Business Information, publishers of leading business-to-business magazines. While overseeing a staff of writers, graphic designers, computer production coordinators, Vicky coordinated and art-directed a wide range of projects including media kits, direct mail brochures, newsletters, advertisements, invitations, media data, trade shows, conferences and events.

Vicky earned her MBA from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University with majors in Marketing, Management and Strategy and Organization Behavior. She graduated summa cum laude from the University of Denver where she majored in English and Psychology with a Concentration in Business.