Stephen C. Grant

Chief Communications Officer

There’s often a surprisingly fragile gap between one expert or company’s knowledge and its impact upon or value to others. Bridging these crucial gaps is Stephen Grant’s core expertise. He specializes in building world-class corporate communications teams and has been helping Hillard Heintze since its inception to define its identity as a firm, articulate its value proposition to clients and partners and differentiate itself from competitors with passion, authenticity and impact.

This has required defining and leading the integration of core communications elements – strategy, structure, people, process and technology – to develop high-impact communications that effect strategic changes in actions, perceptions or behaviors on the part of defined audiences and constituencies.

As an experienced communications strategist and former senior executive ghostwriter, Stephen built a career improving the communications effectiveness of executive teams responsible for the performance of Fortune 500 companies and other leading organizations in the U.S., the U.K. and Europe. His clients included companies such as HP, GE Capital, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Schering-Plough, UBS, BearingPoint, Sun Microsystems and Symantec. Through these accounts and the hundreds served by Hillard Heintze, his indirect clients have included many of the world’s most important brands and companies in industries such as financial services, healthcare, entertainment, technology, retail and consumer, industrial product manufacturing, energy and utilities, insurance, real estate and government.

Prior to 2009, Stephen was engaged as one of the only external and independent members of PricewaterhouseCoopers’ (PwC) high-level internal executive communications teams. From 2002 to 2009, Stephen authored more than 600 publications for more than 50 teams serving 18 industries across virtually all of the practices that form PwC’s consulting operations. He was intimately involved in providing support to the leaders responsible for PwC’s multi-billion dollar U.S. business and IT consulting division. In this capacity, he contributed to PwC’s most strategic communications objectives by authoring communications such as (1) changes to the firm’s strategic messaging platform, (2) white paper submissions to the U.S. board, (3) change management messaging designed to effect cultural shifts in the organization, (4) executive talking points and other content supporting the firm’s Analyst Relations program, (5) high-level internal strategy papers defining the firm’s plans for growth, and (6) both internal and external communications supporting PwC’s strategic M&A initiatives.

A graduate of Yale University, Stephen earned a Masters of Business Administration degree in New York University’s Executive MBA program.