Robert C. Haas

Vice President, Law Enforcement Consulting

Robert Haas is a retired Police Commissioner with extensive experience in law enforcement reform, operational assessments and community engagement. In addition to recently assisting Hillard Heintze with several high-stakes projects, such as the U.S. Department of Justice COPS Office CRI-TA Program, he has served as an expert in numerous agencies.

Before joining Hillard Heintze, Robert served as a member of a consent decree monitoring team, performing operational assessments with Strategic Policy Partnership, LLC. His role with Strategic Policy Partnership also included a collaboration with the New York University School of Law Policing Project, where he served as the policing expert on two different teams working to foster greater engagement between the police departments and the communities and to initiate alternative policing approaches.

His other engagements include serving as Executive Fellow with the Police Foundation in Washington, D.C., where he worked on a variety of research teams that involved an assessment of the recent Republican National Convention, and serving on a focus group assessing and developing CompStat 2.0. At Justice and Security Strategies, Inc., he provided subject-matter expertise on body-worn cameras across five states.

For nine years, Robert served as the Police Commissioner for Cambridge, Massachusetts, overseeing 319 personnel and serving a diverse and dynamic residential population of over 110,000. Given the cultural and socioeconomic spectrum in Cambridge, he spearheaded several initiatives, including a police legitimacy transformation based on a new, progressive philosophy; the establishment of a multi-agency approach for supporting the community’s youth and preventing juvenile crime; and several outreach campaigns to individuals coping with homeless or mental health issues.

Prior to his Commissioner post, he was appointed by then-Governor Mitt Romney to serve as a member of the cabinet as Massachusetts’ Secretary of Public Safety. Governor Romney also appointed him as his Homeland Security Advisor, during which time Robert created the state’s fusion center and developed its first statewide homeland security strategy.

Robert has a master’s degree in criminal justice administration from Rutgers University, as well as a Bachelor of Science in the same line of study from William Paterson College of New Jersey. He is also the member of several law enforcement boards, including for the Addiction Policy Forum, Board of Directors for Strategies for Youth and Research on Sexual Assault on College Campuses.