Matthew W. Doherty

Senior Vice President, Practice Lead, Threat + Violence Risk Management

As the retired U.S. Secret Service Special Agent in Charge of the National Threat Assessment Center, Matthew Doherty is widely recognized across the U.S. as among the most experienced experts in assessing an individual’s potential for danger and preventing targeted violence. In addition to serving as a thought leader in targeted violence, workplace violence prevention and active shooter planning, Matthew is a Senior Vice President and leads the firm’s Threat and Violence Risk Management Practice.

For over 30 years, Matthew has developed plans to monitor an individual and to intervene, as appropriate, to prevent an attack by coordinating intervention strategies with social systems such as family, work, community, criminal justice, mental health and social services.

Matthew advises federal agencies and private sectors by gathering and assessing information about persons or groups who may have the interest, motive, intention and capability of violence. Matthew has been credited with saving lives by intervening on domestic abuse, terminations, severe mental illness and other critical situations in today’s workforce. He has managed training on threat assessment and targeted violence prevention for federal, state and local law enforcement personnel as well as schools and Fortune 500 companies.

He received a U.S. Department of Homeland Security award for creating the first information-sharing database (TAVISS) for the prevention of violence against protected officials. He routinely briefed U.S. corporations, security organizations, and government agency heads on threat assessment methodologies.

Additional highlights of Matthew’s career in the Secret Service included authoring daily briefs for U.S. Presidential and Vice Presidential Protective Divisions on threat investigations, and coordinating some of our nation’s most critical protective intelligence investigations. In October of 2000, he was assigned the task of managing the Secret Service National Threat Assessment Center.

Matthew has received numerous awards and commendations including the 2018 U.S. OSPA Award for Outstanding Security Training Initiative; Treasury and Homeland Security Departments for Exceptional Service; U.S. Marshal Service Directors Award and the U.S. Capitol Police Chiefs Award for assisting in developing their threat assessment programs; the Department of Defense’s Counter Intelligence Field Activity Directors Award for developing joint partnership terrorism training and research with the Secret Service; a commendation from U.S. Senator Grassley for Exceptional Service in regards to Senate Judiciary investigations; and a commendation for the Oklahoma City Bombing Investigation.

Featured in numerous magazines, newspapers and news media for major articles on insider threats, assassinations and school shootings, Matthew is consistently one of the most sought after speakers at ASIS International, a global community of security practitioners. He is a law enforcement advisor and trustee award winner with the Homeland Security Studies and Analysis Institute, a Senior Fellow at the GW Center for Cyber and Homeland Security, and an Executive Advisory Board member for the U.S. Marshal Service Judicial Security Center.

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