Klaudia Spangler

Creative Director

Ask Klaudia Spangler to share the single, underlying approach that has marked her 30-year career in advertising, marketing and business communications, and she’ll tell you “It’s personal.” Not that she’s keeping a trade secret under wraps. She’s referring to her deeply rooted appreciation for the fact that beyond form, function and target markets, every message is destined to become a one-on-one exchange between the giver and recipient. Cultivating this personal connection is essential to effective communication design and content development. It demands an attention to detail that respects the time and consideration of those we set out to inform, enlighten and persuade.

As both a copywriter and designer, Klaudia’s dual citizenship in the creative disciplines brings a unique perspective and efficient skillset to her role as Creative Director at Hillard Heintze. Her hands-on development of design solutions elevates the creative direction and execution of our vast library of corporate and client-centered communications. Klaudia is a strong advocate for clear and inviting written and visual language – especially critical in today’s mobile, limited-character marketplace. She carefully considers, to a fault, the user benefits of the reports, marketing materials, presentations, imagery and brand identity she helps craft as part of the communications team.

A curious and active learner, Klaudia is an avid collector of design resources. She scours websites, blogs and publications for inspiration and referential guidance in creating communications that reflect the highest standards and current trends essential to capturing the attention of an audience distracted by information overload. She is always looking to explore new territories in design and advance her technical skills to enhance quality and increase efficiencies.

Klaudia’s creative credentials reflect an array of work from retail advertising campaigns to business-to-business marketing and communications. Before joining the Hillard Heintze team, she provided turnkey advertising, marketing and design services to a wide range of clients through the boutique creative firm she launched more than 20 years ago. Her ability to quickly adapt to new markets and respond to emerging situations allowed her to deliver optimal solutions tightly aligned with client needs and budgetary constraints.

Prior to launching her own agency, Klaudia was the Director of Advertising and Sales Promotion for Delta Communications, a leading business-to-business publisher. While overseeing a staff of writers and graphic designers, Klaudia worked directly with publishers and sales teams to write, design and develop multiple projects including media kits, dimensional campaigns, direct mail brochures, newsletters, advertisements, invitations, trade show displays and special events.

Klaudia earned her bachelor’s degree in journalism with an emphasis on advertising from Northern Illinois University. She is a member of the American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA).