Jennifer L. Mackovjak, CFE

Senior Advisor, Investigations

Jennifer Mackovjak is a highly seasoned civil and criminal investigator with extensive U.S. and international public and private sector credentials. As a Senior Advisor to Hillard Heintze, she supports the needs of clients that range from global law firms and multinational, industry-leading enterprises to major sports organizations, government agencies and high net worth Family Offices.

Critical to Jennifer’s success throughout her career have been three qualities: (1) a passion for truth; (2) a natural comfort with the rigor, objectivity and persistence required to uncover it; and (3) a deep, technical understanding of precisely how every phase of the investigation – from receiving a tip to providing testimony at trial or before grand juries – must be undertaken to preserve the integrity of its findings. She specializes, for example, in leading the teams responsible for critical investigative tasks such as formulating and executing case strategies, investigative plans and tactical initiatives; analyzing litigation and other public filings; and gathering intelligence through human source interviews, media reports, social networking sites and online database research.

Jennifer is a former Director of Investigations at Altegrity Risk International, Senior Director at Kroll, Inc., and Senior Detective Investigator in the New York County District Attorney’s Office. Before Altegrity recruited her to help launch its Investigations Division in Chicago, she served as a Senior Director of Business Intelligence and Investigations at Kroll with responsibility for multiple areas. In this capacity, Jennifer led and directed investigations related to corporate misconduct, pre-transactional and investigative due diligence, onshore and offshore asset searches, hostile takeovers, patent infringement disputes, fraud, competitive intelligence, litigation support and computer forensic analysis. One of the highlights of her work at Kroll was her pro-bono support to the Innocence Project, where she played a critical role in uncovering evidence in a 1988 murder case that led to the exoneration of a wrongfully convicted defendant after 18 years in prison.

Jennifer served as a Senior Detective Investigator and Intelligence Analyst in the New York County District Attorney’s Office, where she investigated a wide range of major offenses, including homicide, grand larceny, fraud, forgery, securities fraud, identity theft, sexual abuse and bid-rigging. In this capacity, she executed judicial eavesdropping and search warrants; located and interviewed defendants, subjects of interest, fugitives and witnesses; oversaw the cooperation of informants; assisted with witness protection and relocation; and planned and conducted undercover operations and physical surveillance. Jennifer was the lead case officer in a six-year investigation of organized crime rings which led to the arrest and prosecution of more than 30 individuals. This criminal enterprise included corrupt attorneys, doctors, hospital personnel and Soviet émigré organized crime figures responsible for laundering millions of dollars in criminal proceeds through kickbacks, bribes, falsification of business records, insurance fraud and staged automobile accidents.

Jennifer holds a Bachelor’s degree in Criminology from Marquette University and a Master of Public Administration degree from DePaul University. She is a graduate of the Westchester County (NY) Police Academy and a licensed private investigator in Illinois and Wisconsin. Additionally, Jennifer earned the Certified Fraud Examiner designation, which is awarded by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners.

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