Why I Asked Vicky Froderman to Join the Team

Right from the start, we established excellence in communications as central to Hillard Heintze’s mission.  We set out to raise the bar on the quality and consistency of our deliverables and Vicky — a.k.a. Hillard Heintze employee number five — was the ideal person to help us fulfill this goal.  Early on, she wore many hats, but her role has continued to expand and evolve into her current position.

What Vicky Does at Hillard Heintze

As the Senior Director of Communications, Vicky is a strategist, creative director and manager of people and processes responsible for the integration and execution of our multi-faceted communications department. She establishes the conceptual and stylistic direction for the design and writing staff and orchestrates their work, as well as the work of production artists, photographers, web providers, printers and anyone else who is involved in the development of our internal and external communications.  She also ensures adherence with the standards and practices that support and enhance our brand identity.  This requires constant vigilance and oversight in areas such as graphic design, page layout, copy editing, proofreading, format and production direction, as well as the electronic production of all client documents, marketing materials and our website.

Highlights of Vicky’s Work before Hillard Heintze

Vicky co-owned and operated a marketing communications firm for thirteen years before joining our team.  She was responsible for developing and maintaining account relationships from start to finish, producing a vast array of marketing communications projects for a diverse collection of clients, as well as handling all aspects of the business.  Prior to that, Vicky served as the Marketing Communications Manager for Cahners Publishing Company, a division of Reed Business Information, publishers of leading business-to-business magazines.  While overseeing a staff of writers, graphic designers, computer production coordinators, Vicky coordinated and art-directed a wide range of projects including media kits, direct mail brochures, newsletters, advertisements, invitations, media data, trade shows, conferences and events.

Education and Degrees

Vicky Froderman earned her Master of Management degree from the J.L. Kellogg Graduate School of Management at Northwestern University with majors in marketing, management and strategy and organization behavior.  She graduated summa cum laude from the University of Denver where she majored in English and psychology with a concentration in business.

Where Vicky Spends Her Time When She Is Not Working

Vicky’s activities outside of work center on her husband and two lovely daughters and her self-imposed role as activity director for her large extended family and close-knit group of friends.  A devoted mom, she keeps busy with her middle-schooler and a soon-to-be high school senior in the midst of a college search.  Among her favorite things are running, playing tennis, sailing on Lake Michigan with her brothers and devoting her rare solitary moments to her love of reading.  She is always open to book suggestions. (She also tells me that college recommendations are also welcome.)

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