Why I Asked Keely to Join the Team

Well, Keely first joined our firm at an entry level. And, almost immediately, it was clear to us that she was over-qualified for the position – not just with respect to her education but also given her enthusiasm, her inquisitiveness and what I would now call an “investigative mindset.” It’s hard to find these traits in young people who have not had time to establish a career record.

That was six years ago and, at the time, we were just beginning to discover the enormous value of social media to our investigative clients and internal teams. We had been experimenting with social media tools designed principally for marketing and communications purposes – and using them in new ways to support our investigative objectives. Keely was indispensable to this process and, as our capabilities expanded along with client demand for these services – and as application features “caught up” with the promise of these social media tools – she flourished in helping us pioneer new open-source social media monitoring capabilities in an investigative environment.

What Keely Does at Hillard Heintze

As Associate Director, Investigations, Keely specializes in open-source monitoring. She analyzes social media posts – from Facebook to Google+ and everything in between – for potential security threats. She starts her day by reviewing social media and watching the news – on three TVs to be exact – to catch up on world events, security threats and trends. While the subjects and cases vary from week to week, most of her research is conducted on social media and other online forums. She loves learning about new topics and people and is fascinated by the way people portray themselves online and the details they choose to share with the world.

Where Keely Spends Her Time When She Is Not Working


Outside of work Keely is almost never on a computer. Because she spends so much time on it all day, other than Instagram, she rarely goes on Facebook or other social media sites. Keely is a foodie that enjoys trying new restaurants and watching cooking and food programs on TV with her boyfriend. Their favorite show is A Chef’s Life. For her birthday last week, he surprised her with a trip to Kinston, North Carolina so they could eat at the restaurants featured on the show, Chef and the Farmer and Boiler Room. 

Five Fun Facts about Keely

  1.  In 2010 Keely lived in a tent for a month while volunteering at an eco-retreat and small organic farm in New Zealand (the picture above is of her hiking up Mt. Karioi in New Zealand). 
  2. Keely loves digging in the dirt, planting and gardening. If she wasn’t finding nuggets of information online, she would have loved to work as an archeologist or a deep sea treasure hunter.
  3. She is a long-time listener and lover of podcasts. She subscribes and regularly listens to more than 30 shows. So, if you need a podcast suggestion, she’s your go-to!
  4. Keely’s first job was as a bartender at a karaoke bar where she had weekly shifts as the karaoke jockey.
  5. Keely and her boyfriend have a very rambunctious and clever Airedale Terrier mixed breed dog named Lucy. They adopted her from an animal rescue called Rescue Me Clifford in 2012.