Why I Asked Christi to Join the Team

One of the main reasons I asked Christi to come aboard was the depth of her experience in some of the most critical transformations of major city police departments in the past decade. The second was her distinguished record of leading business investigations and compliance teams of researchers and analysts.

What Christi Does Every Day at Hillard Heintze

As Vice President of Law Enforcement Consulting at Hillard Heintze, Christi manages complex projects on a national level, including law enforcement, city and government agency assessments and providing assistance in police reform and organizational transformation. She helps bring to these law enforcement agencies national best practice and industry standards central to improving accountability, transparency and community trust. Her experience in corporate investigations including white-collar crime, money laundering, embezzlement and business intelligence undescores her contributions to the assessment of these agencies. With her background in both corporate and law enforcement training, she is able to assist many clients as well as our internal company with their training needs specific externally to compliance issues, reform and national best practices, and internally to mentoring and professional development.

Where Christi Spends Her Time When She Is Not Working

When she isn’t hanging out with her two nieces and nephew, Christi enjoys traveling both internationally – she picks a new country each year – and domestically, to Napa, Las Vegas and New York most frequently. She plays poker in Las Vegas and locally. She has a taste for wine and food, and tries a new restaurant as often as possible. Christi frequents the theater, loves art, and likes to read and watch television and movies. When she’s not doing that, she plays golf and other intramural sports, and scubadives on her vacations. She loves watching football, baseball and college basketball (especially her North Carolina Tar Heels).

Five Fun Facts about Christi

  1. Christi taught upper division and honors math and science as a high school teacher.
  2. Christi has dove cage-less with sharks and went 132 feet in depth into the Great Blue Hole, which is 480 feet deep with a system of caves and passageways, and massive limestone stalactites.
  3. Christi has had the same hair stylist for 17 years. She even travels back to California to see him! 
  4. If Christi had to choose another career, she would like to be a shoe designer.
  5. Christi could live on potato chips for the rest of her life.