Why I Asked Andy to Join the Team

The first reason I decided to offer Andy a job here at Hillard Heintze was that he exuded a strong sense of professionalism and maturity, coming off his years of service to our nation as a United States Marine. I could see he was an individual with a command presence – which I attributed to his military training and experience. That’s actually Andy on the left in the picture above.

The second reason was that Andy demonstrated a genuine interest and belief in the work that we were – and are – doing here at the firm. I also recognized in him two additional characteristics vital to what we do: an acute attention to detail and the ability to quickly grasp the complexities inherent in our various core investigative processes. He has been with us for a few years now – and continues to exceed my expectations.

What Andy Does at Hillard Heintze

As Director of Investigations, Andy has two main areas of focus with the investigations team. First he manages our firm’s high-volume due diligence team. Together, they develop and publish between 600 and 800 due diligence background investigations a year for one of the firm’s top clients – a major sports league players association.

His second main focus is working on all other investigations that come through the door, including due diligence, asset searches and litigation support. Generally, this is a team effort led by Jennifer Mackovjak and supported by other investigations team members and the firm’s communications team.

Highlights of Andy’s Work Before Hillard Heintze

Andy worked as an investigative analyst for USIS and was contracted to the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s Secure Communities program. As an analyst in this program, he investigated the immigration status and criminal history of non-U.S. citizens arrested in the jurisdictions that participated in this program. After analyzing the individual, he helped prioritize the removal of those who posed the greatest risk to public safety.

Andy’s professional career began at the United States Marine Corps’ Officer Candidate School, where he took to heart the Marine Corps’ values on leadership, teamwork and integrity. He served as a Marine for nearly five years, leaving the service as a captain. While in the Marines, he specialized in a variety of fields including air defense, intelligence, classified security management, physical security, administration, military law and investigations, and management. Read more about how Andy transitioned from the Marines to the workforce in his blog: Transitioning to the Workplace: In the Wake of Military Service, a New Challenge for Veterans. 

Where Andy Spends His Time When He Is Not Working

Andy is a family man to his core. He enjoys spending time with his wife, Liz and daughter, Lillian. Apart from that he spends his free time hanging out with his cat, Mew, working on his house, traveling and reading history books while drinking the Scotch he got for Christmas.