(This is another installment of a bimonthly feature in the Front Line Blog. Twice a month, I’ll be posting a short introduction to key members of our team at Hillard Heintze. Every member of our team is here because she or he has demonstrated sustained levels of excellence in aspects of security risk management and investigations. They’re here because they bring a rich diversity of backgrounds, talents and interests to what we do for our clients. Get to know Hillard Heintze. Today, let me tell you a bit about Jennifer.)

Why I Asked Jennifer to Join the Team

A few years ago, when demand for our investigations services first began expanding beyond our team’s capacity, I reached out to a professional colleague for whom I have great respect – a prominent Chicago attorney who runs a practice for one of the world’s leading law firms and who is intimately familiar with investigative operations.  He also knows exceptional talent when he sees it. Jennifer’s name was the first he gave to me – and within a few days, she had agreed to join our team.

What Jennifer Does at Hillard Heintze

Jennifer’s passion for uncovering the facts and her dedication to objectivity are remarkable. She specializes in our firm’s complex investigative work and helping clients solve problems and navigate disputes or opportunities. Her work includes formulating and executing case strategies, investigative plans and tactical initiatives; spearheading our litigation support practice; and gathering intelligence through human source interviews, media reports, social networking sites and Internet-based sources. Jennifer also oversees a vast majority of our international work.

Highlights of Jennifer’s Work before Hillard Heintze

  • As Director of Investigations for Altegrity, helped to launch its Chicago practice.
  • Served as a Senior Director of Business Intelligence and Investigations at Kroll with responsibility for multiple areas, including leading and directing investigations related to corporate misconduct, pre-transactional and investigative due diligence, asset searches, patent infringement disputes and corporate intelligence. Her time at Kroll also included a three-month assignment in Hong Kong in the mid-2000s.
  • Contributed pro-bono support to the Innocence Project, where she played a critical role in uncovering evidence in a 1988 murder case that led to the exoneration of a wrongfully convicted defendant after 18 years in prison.
  • Served as a Senior Detective Investigator the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office, where she investigated a wide range of major crimes, including homicide, grand larceny, fraud, forgery, securities fraud, identity theft, sexual abuse and bid-rigging.
  • Acted as the lead case officer, while at the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office, in a prominent six-year investigation of organized crime rings involved in insurance fraud, enterprise corruption, , bribery, grand larceny, money laundering and coercion – an investigation which led to the arrest and prosecution of more than 30 individuals.

Where Jennifer Spends Her Time When She Is Not Working

Jennifer is a member of the Woman’s Club of Evanston, an organization dedicated to community service and philanthropy. She also is an avid traveler; some of her favorite trips have been to Cuba, Colombia, South Africa, Croatia, Vietnam and Laos.

Education and Degrees

Just this past year, Jennifer earned her Master of Public Administration degree from DePaul University and she also holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in criminology from Marquette University. She is a graduate of the Westchester County (NY) Police Academy and a licensed private investigator in Illinois, Tennessee and Wisconsin.

Got a Question for Jennifer?

Want to know what Jennifer might be able to find out about you from public sources? Or maybe about her dog who can swim underwater? Post a comment below, and she will get back to you.