Diane Ragans

Vice President, Law Enforcement Consulting

With over 30 years of experience and expertise, Diane Ragans is an experienced criminal intelligence practitioner, adept at conducting management reviews and audits of high liability areas across many law enforcement domains. Diane has built her career on supporting and collaborating with law enforcement and homeland security partners at the federal, territorial, tribal, state and local levels. Ragans excels at evaluating a law enforcement or policing agency’s core operations and practices through the lens of established and emerging best practices in criminal intelligence and law enforcement.

At Hillard Heintze, Diane is a Vice President in our Law Enforcement Consulting practice area and serves on a team working with collaborative reform by conducting independent assessments of police department operations, including constitutional policing audits and bias-based assessments; community-oriented policing strategies; development and application of crime-reduction strategies; and collaboration, community partnerships and information sharing.

Before joining the Hillard Heintze team, Ragans served as Vice President/Senior Manager at the Institute for Intergovernmental Research (IIR). In this capacity, she (1) provided fiscal and project management oversight for multiple national-level law enforcement and homeland security programs, and (2) managed a multidisciplinary team of professionals and subject-matter experts supporting criminal intelligence and information sharing programs.

At IIR, Ragans facilitated partner engagements and routinely collaborated with federal, regional, tribal, state and local practitioners and officials. She was responsible for coordinating and facilitating law enforcement and public safety-related training, technical assistance, conferences and workshops, as well as overseeing the development and content management of websites for law enforcement and public safety use. Ragans was the recipient of the IIR Board of Trustees Award for Excellence, as well as the IIR Chairman’s Award.

Ragans began her career at the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) where she held positions in Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS), the Inspector General’s Office, the Criminal Investigations and Forensic Science Program, and the Division of Criminal Investigations. She was responsible for performing and coordinating management assessments, justification reviews, audits and projects of various functions, programs and entities within FDLE. She conducted executive interviews at local law enforcement agencies including preparing the interview instrument, compiling background data and scheduling on-site visits. While serving as a state assessor, Ragans coordinated the state and national reaccreditation process for FDLE. She conducted research and developed business requirements for automated management systems, and conducted analyses of data for use in resource allocation and justifications. Additionally, she provided management oversight in the areas of research, documentation and transmittal of intelligence and investigative information.

Ragans holds a bachelor’s degree in criminology from Florida State University.

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