Michael White

Senior Vice President, Practice Lead, Private Client + Family Office Services

Mike White is widely recognized worldwide as perhaps the most experienced senior expert in private client security services, executive protection and special event security. His 26-year U.S. Secret Service career included responsibility for all protective measures for the U.S. President, First Lady, First Family, and White House Complex as well as service on the elite Presidential Protective Division (PPD) for the last five U.S. Presidents (Trump, Obama, Bush 43, Clinton and Bush 41). Today, as the head of Hillard Heintze’s Private Client + Family Office Services practice, he serves as a trusted security advisor to private clients and their families across the United States and the world.

As Special Agent in Charge of PPD, Mike led and directed hundreds of special agents, sworn officers and administrative staff. In addition to developing and executing a multi-million dollar budget and all protective programs for PPD, he authorized, directed and implemented contingency plans and supervised the day-to-day intelligence stream on domestic and international threats toward the President, the First Family, and other protectees. He also enacted daily facility and operational plans to protect the First Family against internal and external threats, lone assailants, multiple attackers or explosive-laden vehicles and ensured presidential environments are protected against covert listening devices. As the Special Agent in Charge responsible for the President’s security, Mike was constantly at the President’s side – including at the White House as well as on Air Force One, Marine One and the Secret Service limousine to ensure compliance with all security protocols and threat mitigation measures.

Mike was first selected to join President Clinton’s protective detail in 1998. He was promoted to a key supervisory position in 2003. While serving on the presidential detail, Mike was responsible for implementing numerous strategic and operational enhancements to PPD, including development of specialized covert surveillance teams to strengthen protective measures surrounding the First Family following the attacks of 9-11. Mike later returned to the criminal arena, where he led an office that focused on new criminal threats involving cyber tactics and implemented a critical systems protection program for significant infrastructure and protective venues. Additionally, Mike served as a supervisor for the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force.

In 2006, Mike was ranked the top supervisory Special Agent in the entire Secret Service and promoted to a senior member of PPD. In this capacity, he worked on complex security issues, classified facility planning management, global presidential travel and numerous intelligence matters and developed extensive partnerships with multiple agency representatives on the White House Complex as well as domestic, international, governmental and private sector entities. In 2015, Mike was selected as the Special Agent in Charge of PPD.

Mike earned a B.A. degree in Criminal Justice and Political Science from Central Missouri State University and a Masters in Public Administration from Iowa State University. He has been recognized for outstanding performance on multiple occasions.

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