Protecting What Matters

Risk, Threat and Vulnerability Assessment

Underlying almost every single action or decision that a senior executive or administrator makes with respect to a particular department, function, asset or initiative – or the entire organization itself – involves important and sometimes critical assumptions about related risks, threats and vulnerabilities and the entity's readiness to address them.

Hillard Heintze helps senior decision-makers from CFOs and boards of directors to stadium authorities and university leaders, gain insights into these factors – and make better decisions – by leveraging methodologies, such as technical surveillance countermeasures, and approaches based on national security disciplines across the following risk analysis and security risk assessment priorities:














Executive Briefing

Credentialing Integrity

The fine art of ensuring that your credentialing strategy isn't compromised through counterfeiting, theft, alteration or unauthorized issuance.

Case Studies #142

Ensuring the Security of Several Very High Profile U.S. Political Debates

Each one of these debates unfolded without security incidents. None of the political candidates – or their staff or media participants or audience were harmed or harassed. And every exchange between moderator and candidates went unmarred by any security-related

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Case Studies #148

Ensuring the Security of a State Capitol Complex – And Safeguarding the Conduct of the "People's Business"

After a shooting fatality, the leaders of a state government wanted quick action to improve the safety of the state's central government complex. "But," asked the Architect of the Capitol, "how do we do so while preserving the public's easy and open access to the offices of government?"

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