Protecting What Matters

Executive Protection and Special Event Security

One of the most important operational components of many security and justice programs is the highly specialized task of protecting a specific event, person, asset or initiative.

Sometimes these protective operations represent a "one-time-only" exercise – such as a two-hour midday conference in Chicago convened by a leading investment bank attended by 300 of the wealthiest individuals in the world. Other times they represent an ongoing, day-to-day task for the security department – such as ensuring the personal safety of a global oil and gas market leader's CEO and his family). Very often these are missions with a zero-tolerance threshold for failure because, among other strategic objectives, they involve preventing harm to people.

Hillard Heintze's services in this arena involve the planning and delivery of strategic protective services to a wide range of corporate, celebrity and individual needs within the scope of the following services:










Case Studies #102

Fraud and Embezzlement: The Insider Risk

Most companies don't get serious about fraud prevention until they become victim to it.

Case Studies #107

Intercepting a Competitor's Attempt to Undermine a Major Company Event

On the eve of convening a large international event in a major U.S. convention capital, did a publicly-traded company anticipate just how far its competitors would go to undercut its brand?

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Case Studies #102

Extending an Independent Security Assessment of a Healthcare Entity's Executive Protection Requirements to the Residences of the CEO and his Team

If you were the CEO – and one morning you found a threatening letter on your desk – you would put a whole lot of people in motion. And what, exactly, would you ask them to do?

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