Protecting What Matters

Mortgage Investigations and Verifications

Cut costs and shorten cycle times for the quality control audits essential to verifying the accuracy of information provided at loan origination and closing.

How can you increase the performance of your quality control areas – such as post-closing audits, re-verification of critical mortgage documents and review of early-term delinquencies? Have you compared your in-house costs with those of an experienced, highly qualified external provider?

Hillard Heintze provides best-in-class mortgage fraud investigation and verification services that help mortgage leaders in every segment of the industry reduce risk and better protect and enhance the long-term value of their mortgage loan portfolios.

Scope of Services

Whether investigating a single loan, an entire portfolio with thousands of cases or a random representative sampling to risk-rate an asset, Hillard Heintze specializes in the due diligence necessary to investigate misrepresentation or deception in all phases of the mortgage origination process.

Post-Closing Audits — Detailed and comprehensive quality-control audits that include underwriting, compliance reviews, red flag reviews, re-verification of critical origination and closing documents, and review of the origination appraisal.

Re-Verification of Critical Origination and Closing Documents — Review and re-verification of all critical mortgage loan documents. Complete report on all findings to identify loans where further investigation may be needed.

Mortgage Investigations — Full-scale investigations by highly trained mortgage investigators who contact borrowers and third-party entities, such as employers and closing agents. Comprehensive investigative report outlining all record of interviews and investigative findings.

Litigation Support — Audit and investigative support to counsel whose clients are directly involved in mortgage-related litigation or pre-trial mediation or negotiation.

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Mortgage Quality Control Audits

Peeking into the engine room - rarely tapped strategies for improving case file timeliness, accuracy and completeness – at high volume.

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Completing 2,400 Mortgage Audits in 30 Days to Determine Risk for a Billion-Dollar Portfolio

A mortgage industry leader needed to measure the risk in one of its major portfolios. Randomly selecting 2,400 files, it turned to Hillard Heintze and asked: "Can you get every single one of these back to us within 30 days?" - We did. But how?

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