Fraud and Financial Investigations

Direction and execution of financial crime investigations ranging from initial exploratory reviews – to establish if a crime has occurred and a broader inquiry is warranted – to complex, large-scale investigations requiring cross-jurisdictional tracing of funds, assets and persons; document-intensive evidence gathering in multiple languages; and global coordination of resources. Specialization in matters such as Ponzi schemes, bribery and corruption, embezzlement, insurance fraud and abuse, money laundering, contract abuse and bankruptcy.  Key tasks, among many others, typically range from forensic financial analysis of identifiable assets, holdings and liabilities, to investigation of commingled assets, electronic evidence capture and multi-channel liaison with justice and law enforcement authorities.

Insurance Fraud

Investigation into multiple types of insurance fraud or systemic patterns of deception and malfeasance.  Includes a wide range of tactics from witness interviews, billing search and analysis, and claimant background investigation to insurance coverage analysis and surveillance.   

Asset Search and Recovery

Investigations to locate, identify and recover concealed or undisclosed assets, including post-judgment and pre-litigation searches, as well as loan defaults, debtor assessments, bankruptcies and insolvencies.  Use of accounting acumen, business intelligence and computer forensics to uncover real and intangible property, off-shore structures and layered corporate holdings.

Electronic Evidence Retrieval and Forensic Analysis

Acquisition, preservation, analysis and documentation of electronic evidence stemming from theft, fraud or misconduct for use in investigations and criminal or civil litigation.  Expertise in computer hardware, peripherals, operating systems and applications. Specialization in uncovering and recovering hidden or deleted data, capturing time and date stamps, identifying Internet sites visited, preserving the evidentiary chain of custody and delivering expert witness testimony.