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Security Training and Education

Even the best security leadership, technologies and processes – by themselves – won’t keep your organization safe. Almost without exception, the single most important factors determining whether or not your security program development is effective are your people.

The security outcomes you seek depend, in great measure, on the extent to which your personnel at every level of the organization – both employees as well as vendors, suppliers and even customers – are aware of the crucial importance of security, whether they are trained and informed about their specific responsibilities in helping to prevent an incident or respond to it, and whether they bring to their job, day after day, the aptitude, “mindset” and behaviors that are crucial to preventing harm to your organization. These include, for example, vigilance, discipline and a mindful attention to detail. Helping you “prime these protectors” lies at the heart of our education, training and awareness services, which include:


















"For the last five years, Terry and Arnette have been trusted advisors I have come to rely upon as our company delivers integrated security technology solutions to clients nationwide."

Case Studies #136

Helping Chicago’s Commercial Real Estate Elite View the Security of Their Class A Office Buildings from a Sky Jumper’s Perspective

In surprising ways, navigating the risks associated with facility management isn’t too much different than strapping on a parachute every morning, yanking on the airplane door, and jumping out into thin air. So how do you make sure your chute opens?

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Case Studies #140

Delivering a Major Address to a Global Audience at the International Sports Security Conference in Qatar

Your board includes the international elite in sports management. So does the audience of thousands – from hundreds of countries – that you’ve invited to attend your country’s first international sports conference security conference. You need internationally recognized expert speakers. Who do you reach out to?

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