Scope of Services

Pre-Transactional Due Diligence

Analysis of and insight into potential acquisition targets or business partners (corporate or individuals).  Identification of potential issues or areas of concern, such as a history of civil disputes, criminal records, questionable corporate governance, bankruptcies or claims by vendors and creditors.  This helps the legal, financial, compliance and valuation experts on M&A teams identify and assess potential risk prior to a transaction. 

Executive Hires and Board Appointments

Intensive review which, in addition to a wide range baseline factors supporting a key-person background investigations, includes U.S. and global data sources related to Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) and corruption, terrorism, money laundering and criminal behavior.  Also includes examination of litigation records, law enforcement filings and capital market regulatory violations, as well as whether the subject is litigious, frequently party to lawsuits or in financial difficulty.  U.S. and international business verification includes related company filings, individual business interest search, personal and professional profile on individual subjects, historical ownership analysis and identification of associated parties.

High-Volume Due Diligence Investigations

Designed for organizations with high numbers of key employees, contractors or members whose negative actions could significantly impact the organization’s clients, reputation or performance.  Customized, scalable corporate background investigations, as well as research and verification solutions, to complement the client’s in-house credentialing or acceptance process.  Program is designed in collaboration with the client based on its needs and requirements.  

Reputational Profiling Review

Discreet interviews with former employers, customers, competitors, suppliers, journalists, industry insiders, colleagues and relatives to determine the subject's personal and professional background, reputation within the industry and any political connections.  The reputational profile attempts to uncover any conflicting perceptions of the subject and any negative information that may prove valuable to the client.

Corporate Disputes, Takeover Bids and Proxy Fights

Research, due diligence and investigative support to organizations and counsel engaged in complex corporate disputes.  These include, for example, hostile takeover bids, proxy battles and investigations into activist shareholders, agitators and other counterparties.  Includes electronic discovery and data harvesting, investigative due diligence and commercial damage assessments.

Market Entry Due Diligence and Research

Due diligence, research and investigative services supporting analysis of market entry options.  Includes defining the competitive environment, vetting potential partners and analyzing factors ranging from political, economic and social risk to operational challenges inherent in emerging markets and new business environments.