Protecting What Matters

Corporate Investigations

Determine the facts – and, if necessary, collect evidence – on matters such as employee conduct, contract violations, licensing violations, regulatory compliance, fraud and misrepresentation, computer forensics, and other internal affairs and investigations.

Effective negotiations depend upon accurate information – as does any major decision involving strategic risk to the corporation. Our corporate due diligence services can help you validate the assertions and representations made by parties across the boardroom table – and uncover other information that can yield crucial insights into their integrity, track record and reputation.

Hillard Heintze's investigators, business intelligence analysts and research experts specialize in complex corporate investigations in the U.S. and around the world. We serve as trusted advisors to the legal, financial and compliance teams charged with formalizing major transactions, large-scale contracts and strategic business relationships.

Scope of Services

U.S. and Global Due Diligence Investigations of Corporate Entities and Their Operations — Often undertaken in conjunction with our Strategic Background Investigations (Level II) of business executives and key principals, this intensive review focuses principally on corporations – and their reputation, financial position and compliance record. Scope of investigation includes factors such as corporate history and ownership structure; civil and criminal litigation history; judgments, liens and filings; financial health including bankruptcy and credit history; material contracts; governance oversight and internal controls; environmental performance; and business and political affiliations.

Regulatory Compliance Investigations Related to Corruption, Bribery or Political Ties — Systematic approach to combining searches of U.S. and international public data sources, business intelligence and best-practice protocols to investigate and uncover a corporation's regulatory compliance record with respect to areas such as FCPA, AML and the Patriot Act. Scope can also include reviews of compliance with regulations such as HIPAA, Sarbanes Oxley and Gramm-Leach-Bliley.

Special Support to Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) Teams — Investigative analysis that helps the legal, financial, compliance and valuation experts on M&A teams quickly and accurately identify and quantify the relevant sources of value and risk for a transaction. Scope of reviews include issues related to governance, management, operations, finance and compliance.

"Simply stated: Hillard Heintze is a major partner in helping us ensure the safety and security of America's Pastime."

Case Studies #134

Uncovering the Illicit Shipment of Goods in Violation of Federal and State Laws and a Franchise Owner's Corporate Policies

A national chain of gourmet food stores expressly forbid their franchisees to sell or ship liquor products of any kind. But what if a few franchisees were actually doing so? And if they were, was it just one or two states? Or all fifty?

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Case Studies #138

Helping Restore Order to a Well-Known Cemetery after an Extensive Grave-Tampering and Reselling Scheme Was Uncovered

First there were financial irregularities. Then human bones were discovered strewn around. The community is outraged. Multiple investigations begin. The national spotlight turns on. How do you restore order?

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