Protecting What Matters

Civil Investigations and Litigation Support Services

Resolve legal disputes in your favor – by pre-suit disclosure, negotiated settlement or full-scale litigation – because you've uncovered the evidence crucial to winning a civil trial.

Every time litigation looms, the single greatest risk to both plaintiff and defendant is that there is information "out there" that counsel doesn't know. Undisclosed conflicts of interest. Misrepresentation of assets owned or controlled. A pivotal, hidden example of deceit or ill intent. Or a witness that is unusually adept at not being found.

Hillard Heintze helps attorneys – and the companies and individuals that represent their clients – uncover facts, analyze information and preserve evidence during every phase of a personal or business dispute, from pre-trial preparation, discovery and litigation to post-trial assessment of damages and the investigation of new information supporting appeal.

Scope of Services

We provide litigation investigative services on issues ranging from intellectual property disputes, trade secret cases, property damage, workers' compensation and personal injury to missing persons, child abuse and "cold case" investigations.

Surveillance and Covert Investigations — Discreet monitoring – through both direct observation and technical surveillance – of individuals and their behavior, activities and associations.

Background Checks — Detailed background screening investigations, ranging from basic U.S.-only investigations to strategic U.S and global investigations. (See Snapshots on Employee and Contractor Screening Services and Strategic Background Investigation Services.)

Asset Searches — Comprehensive U.S. and international searches to locate and recover hidden or undisclosed assets, including pre-litigation and post-judgment searches as well as loan defaults, debtor assessments, bankruptcies and insolvencies.

Witness Location, Interviewing and Protection — Implementation of advanced search capabilities, technologies and experience to locate individuals who are difficult to find. Scope of research includes witness protection, when necessary, and research on expert witnesses for the opposition.

Expert Witness Testimony — Direct support to counsel, where appropriate, through expert testimony in court.



Case Studies #102

Fraud and Embezzlement: The Insider Risk

Most companies don’t get serious about fraud prevention until they become victim to it.

Case Studies #137

Helping a Corporate and Litigation Law Firm Provide the Court with an Expert Opinion on Security and Problem Oriented Policing

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Case Studies #139

Vetting 25 Individuals Under Consideration for a Position of Trust Within a Leading Religious Organization

How did a major religious organization with more than 400 clergy and approximately one million faithful in the United States go about conducting due diligence on their top 25 candidates for a leading position of trust in the organization?

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Case Studies #111

Helping a Middle Eastern Government Investigate a Major Multi-Million Dollar Financial Fraud

When a Middle Eastern country uncovered preliminary indications of a massive financial fraud involving several key financial markets and major financial institutions around the world, including one of the largest brokerage companies in the Middle East, what did it do?

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