Protecting What Matters

Business Intelligence and Research

Turn undisclosed or difficult-to-uncover information into actionable intelligence crucial to effective decision making and risk management analysis.

Integral to many services our clients require – from corporate due diligence and risk assessments to executive protection and strategic background screening – is the science of developing accurate, relevant and actionable intelligence.

Hillard Heintze's highly trained investigators, intelligence specialists, law enforcement experts and research analysts help companies, investors and law firms obtain intelligence vital to advancing their strategic objectives.

Scope of Services

Market Intelligence — Detailed identification and analysis of market trends, characteristics, conditions, opportunities and risks. Range of inquiry includes factors such as market size and segmentation; competitive environment; regulatory trends; current and emerging consumer needs, preferences, attitudes and behaviors; supply chain and distribution channels; degree of political influence and control; and trends likely to impact the market in the future.

Competitive Intelligence — Detailed identification and analysis of competitors and their strategic positioning in key markets. Range of inquiry includes factors such as future goals; current strategies, operations and capabilities; major customers, suppliers and partners; political relationships and sources of government funding and support; long-term market prospects; and reasons behind changes in strategy. Tactical intelligence gathering can include factors such as sales, pricing and discount policies and practices; hiring plans and talent acquisition objectives and priorities; and terms or conditions of sale. When contracts, deals or disputes are involved, scope can include track record of shareholder value creation or destruction; undisclosed liabilities or conflicts of interest; and unsavory business or political associations.

Case Studies #108

Delivering Expert Analysis and Research on a Top National Security Priority

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Case Studies #121

Uncovering a Nest of Financial Weaknesses Just as Acquisition Negotiations Began

What if, on the eve of acquiring a company, you uncovered signs that it might be in serious financial condition? What if you didn’t have time to conduct a full-throttle background investigations? What could you do?

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Case Studies #124

Delivering Strategic Data Analysis and Thought Leadership for a Big Four Accounting Firm

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