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A war orphan and an American family's mission to bring her to safety.
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Active Shooters: Identifying the Signs of Mental Health Before it’s Too Late

In the wake of the Louisiana movie theater shootings, and with the Aurora and Sandy Hook shootings still fresh in our minds, CEO Arnette Heintze says our society needs to focus on reaching out and supporting those who struggle with mental health. "This is not about increasing security at a movie theatre.  It’s about learning to identify the individuals in our society in a position of need - those with the propensity for violence.”

Watch the video >>


National Search for new Denver Sheriff to be Led by Hillard Heintze

The Denver Post / 7.14.15

Beloit Puts Police Chief, Deputy Chief on Leave After Hillard Heintze Review 

Star Tribune / 6.16.15

In the Wake of the NYSE and UA Glitches, Hillard Heintze’s Steve Bova Points to the Need for Business Continuity Planning

WGN TV / 7.09.2015

In Wake of Terror Attack Against Air Products in France, Hillard Heintze Emphasizes Importance of Integrated Corporate Security Strategy

The Morning Call / 6.26.15
New Vision, Brighter Future

New Vision, Brighter Future

The Denver Sheriff Department: A Transformation Under Way

Final Assessment Report

On May 21, 2015, Hillard Heintze completed its independent assessment of the Denver Sheriff Department (DSD), at the direction of the City of Denver’s Mayor and Executive Director of Public Safety.  Based on more than 120 interviews and a rigorous examination of nearly every aspect of DSD’s operations, this initiative resulted in 14 Key Findings and 277 Recommendations that, taken collectively, represent a strategic roadmap for transforming the leadership, operations and culture of the Department. Read the Report >> 

The Search for a New Sheriff

The City and County of Denver, Colorado is seeking candidates for the position of Sheriff to lead the Denver Sheriff Department (DSD), which is responsible for Denver’s Metropolitan Correctional system.  The new Sheriff will serve as a change agent for the Department and have the task of creating a world-class agency. See the Job Description >>