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radicalization in the workplace
Hillard Heintze Presents to Security Leaders on Radicalization in the Workplace

Today, security experts are beginning to talk about whether radicalization in the workforce is just a passing side story at a time when ISIL is often in the day's media headlines - or the beginning of a long-term trend. The conversation is addressing many issues we believe will define how this emerging priority will be examined in the months ahead.

Click here to download the presentation.

On Heels of Hillard Heintze Assessment of Boulder Police Department, City Leaders Decide to Study How ‘Safe and Welcoming’ Residents and Visitors View Boulder


Daily Camera / 06.19.16

As New Information on the Orlando Attack Emerges, Arnette Heintze Encourages Chicagoans To Be Aware of Their Surroundings 


Fox 32 / 06.13.16

Active Shooter Expert Matthew Doherty Tapped for His Insights on Orlando Shooter


WGN / 06.13.16

Hillard Heintze Cyber Security Expert Steve Bova Explains How Celebrities Can Protect Themselves from Hackers


LA Times / 06.05.16
Boulder Police Department

Boulder Police Department

Independent Analysis of Police Data and Review of Professional Police Complaint Processes

On February 18, 2016, Hillard Heintze completed and delivered its independent analysis of the Boulder Police Department, at the direction of the City of Boulder. We were asked to undertake an objective and transparent review of the Department’s data on stops, arrests and summons and evaluate the Police Professional Standards Review Panel. Our team drew 16 key findings, ranging from gaps and deficiencies in the capture, availability and use of stop-related data, particularly with respect to race and ethnicity, to validation of complaint-related processes and protocols that are thorough, fair and objective.

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